Danielle Schulz - Manager of Adult and Access Programs for the Denver Art Museum

What a wonderful experience working with Matt at Tact-Ed. He was very knowledgeable and hands-on during the design phase, working well with our team’s goals, needs, and timeline. Matt is great at communication and excellent at sharing examples and prototypes throughout the creative process. All the tactile design pieces Tact-Ed created received great reviews and feedback from our local community of people who are blind or have low vision. Looking forward to working with Matt again! A great proponent for increasing access to arts for all. 

Ann Lambson - Interpretive Specialist for the Denver Art Museum

Matt approaches design and fabrication in a thoughtful, conscientious way. He is a true collaborator, and we relied on Matt’s knowledge and skill to help us create a tactile experience in an exhibition for our visitors of all visual abilities. Every step of the way, we appreciated that he is detail-oriented and adaptable while deftly balancing an array of parameters. We highly recommend Matt’s work.  

Lisa Bonderson - Administrative Assistant for the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado

I have known Matt now for about 8 or 9 years now, having been introduced to him through some old friends.  I work for the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado and he approached me to get some input regarding some “to scale” tactile artwork he was doing of various places in the Denver Metro area.  I put him in touch with some chapter presidents and he brought his artwork to show to our members.  He very much wanted their input and was intent on taking note of their opinions and suggestions for future projects. 

His work and thought process behind what he had done greatly impressed me. 

Matt has since become a staple at our state conventions and he has become a chapter member as well.  I appreciate his thoughtful inquiries and his willingness to listen to any and all thoughts and opinions offered by our members.  He is always looking to improve upon the work that he has done as well as that which he has planned for the future.

Brent Batron - Assistant Director of the Colorado Center for the Blind & Director of Youth Programs

I have worked with Matt for several years now.  He brought his model of the May D&F tower to the Center for our students to look at so that they could better understand perspective.  Matt asked for feedback with an open-mind.  He took that feedback and improved the model.  He continued to partner with us and he steadily and eagerly learned about how to build and design models that gave blind people a chance to better understand perspective.  He continues to ask for feedback so that his models can incorporate better and more complete information. 
Because of Matt’s work, our students and the greater blind community have the opportunity to better understand perspective.  Matt has a true thirst for imparting knowledge through tactile information.  The models that he creates have a positive impact for blind people.  I look forward to working with him in the future so that more generations can experience what perspective truly is. 

Ann Cunningham - Tactile, multi-sensory Artist

I love working with Matt. He has a great mind for coming up with creative solutions and always shows up to help with the execution! Both important parts of a successful project. I look forward to the next time we get to work together. His exhibits are always popular at our events.